How to Give Refunds for Membership Transactions


Refunds for memberships purchased through a subscription form can now be processed directly through the MemberGate control panel.

Refunds and partial refunds can be run for the membership fees that were paid. Refunds are reflected at your payment gateway account, and are documented in the transaction history and customer reports.

How to Process a Refund

The Member Details can be managed under Members > Edit Member Details

Edit Member Details

The Member Details page can be found under Members Edit Member Details

Decide which criteria to use to select a member and click the button. All of the members that match the criteria will be listed.


Click the 'edit' link next to the member to bring up their profile

Find the Transaction and Refund

Find Transaction and Refund


At the top of member details page, click on 'Transactions.' A reporting of all membership fees collected will be listed.


Click on the Refund link in the Refund column for the transaction to be edited.

Input the amount of the refund

The refund screen allows you to input refunds or partial refunds for membership fees. Comments can be input into the customer files for refund reasons.

Refunded Documentation

Refunds are documented and totaled in the Member's Transaction History page.


*NOTE: Refunds can only be run if the card on file has not expired and the active payment gateway is the same gateway that was connected at the time of purchase.

If the transaction hasn't settled yet, the transaction can be voided.