Add/Edit a Conference Within the Forum


If you wish to add and/or edit a conference within Forum on your site, follow the below instructions:

The forum on your site can be reached by typing in this URL:

1. The Conferences management can be found under Forums Discussion Forums Conferences

2. A listing of your Conferences can be found under the 'Conferences' box.

To edit a conference in the list, click the Conference Name.

3. To add a new conference, click "+ Add Conference"

4. After you have clicked to add a conference, you will be prompted with fields to create your new conference.

When those have been filled out, set the conference active and click the button:

Arranging the Conference Position

Once you have successfully added your new conference, the arrangment of the conference position within the overall forum can be completed in the 'Conference Sort Order' box. Click and drag each conference to it's desired position.

Click the button when completed.

Assigning a Forum to a Conference

To place a forum in a specific conference, you have to edit the forum.

The Forums management can be found under Forums Discussion Forums Forums

Select the name of the forum you wish to edit/change conference

Select the new Conference from the 'Conference' drop down menu

Click the button.

Example of two Conferences on a Live Site.