Run a Report of All Members in a Particular Member Plan


To find all members on a particular member plan, you will want to use the Advanced Member Report Builder option found within the "Member Reports" area of your site's Control Panel.

- Go to the Control Panel

- Click on "Member Reports"

- Click on the "Advanced Member Report Builder Link"

- You'll have the option to "Create a New Report", choose that and click View Report

- Within the Report Building fields you will want to specify which member plan you are searching for. Leave all fields in the top portion of the report as they are.

- Within the "Selection" area you will note which member plans you want to find specifically where it states "Select Data for the report where:" - You will a mark it like this:

-- The first drop down menu select "Member Plan"

-- In the middle drop down menu select "is"

-- In the last drop down menu enter the member plan you want to view, example would be "4"

- Finally, click Generate Report and your report will show all members on that plan.

Please note: The above instructions explain how to create a report for one member plan, however, you can search for up to three at time, using the other lines within the "Selection" area. You may also change the details presented in the report by changing the options within the drop down menus at the top and bottom of the report.