Steps to integrate ClickBank


This connection currently can be used in the MemberGate Shopping Cart and with subscriptions

A. In ClickBank Retrieve the API keys

A site can only be connected to a single ClickBank account. All 3 keys will be needed to connect successfully and process the transactions that go through Clickbank in your shopping cart. The 3 keys are Clerk API, Developer API, and Secret API.

1. In your ClickBank account, in the 'Account Settings' tab, and 'My Account' menu, you will find the section to generate the Clerk API and Development API keys.

2. In the 'Account Settings' tab, in the 'My Site' menu, you'll see the area where you can create a secret key which you will need to add to the Secret API Key option.

3. Set the thank you page for the product to be

B. Add the key information to your MemberGate site

1. Under 'Commerce' --> Choose 'Shopping Cart'

Shopping Cart

2. From the Shopping Cart Menu choose 'Edit Third Party Payment Processors'

3. Enter in the Clerk, Developer and Secret API keys. Include the full keys, including the 'API-' and the 'DEV-'