How to Track Affiliate Traffic to a Non-MemberGate Page


For the affiliate program to track pages that were not created by MemberGate, the following steps can be taken

The page must end in .cfm (not .html or .htm). If the page ends in .html or .htm, the file can be renamed with .cfm for it to work.

The following code can be added to the body of the .cfm page

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<cfinclude template="/members/manage/aff_include.cfm">

Once the code is in place, test it by sending affiliate traffic to it.

Append the affiliate ID to the end of the page's url. So if the page was and the affiliate was TESTING then the URL would be

View that affiliates stats in the affiliate program of your control panel. Send a few clicks to that page and keep refreshing the affiliates stats. You should see the number of hits increase by one each time you click through and refresh their stats. That confirms that the site is tracking the traffic to that affiliate.