How does a member cancel a subscription?


A member can cancel a subscription on the page in department #7, "Your Account." The url for the page is

There is a link "To Cancel Your Subscription" and the member has to type in their password again. They can then set their account status to 'Cancelled'.
When they click 'apply changes', the site manager and the member will receive an email containing the status of their 'cancelled subscription'.

If the member's status is set to 'cancelled' (or inactive) and they are on recurring billing, they will not be billed in the future.

The site manager is also able to set the member's status to cancelled:
1. Under 'Members' choose 'Edit Member Details'
2. Select the Member you want to cancel
3. Select 'Edit' next to the appropriate member
4. Under 'Account Details', choose 'Cancelled' in the in the 'Member Status' drop down box and press apply changes