How to Enable the CIM Token Gateway

How to Enable the CIM Token Gateway

Using just is no longer a secure option and you are not PCI Compliant.

Your account should be immediately updated so that you are using a token payment gateway option. does have a token gateway option that is integrated with MemberGate called CIM.


There are only 3 steps to take to complete this update:

  1. At - enable CIM

  2. At - create the public key

  3. At your MemberGate site - paste the public key in Payment Gateway 

Please follow the steps found below to update your site so your member's sensitive data is secure.


Click on each section to expand for further detail.

1. Login to your and Switch to CIM

Login to your and Switch to CIM

To sign up for the Customer Information Manager (CIM) service:

  1. Log into your Merchant Interface at

  2. Click Customer Information Manager in the main left side menu.

  3. Click Sign up for Customer Information Manager (CIM) Now.

  4. Click the checkbox labeled I have read and understand the Terms of Service.

  5. Click I Agree.
2. At Create a 'Public Client Key'

At Create a 'Public Client Key'

  1. Click on 'Account' in the Top Nav

  2. Under 'Security Settings', click 'Manage Public Client Key'

  3. Under 'Create New Public Client Key' Answer the Question

  4. Click Submit

  5. Copy the 'Client Key'


3. Login to your MemberGate Site: Update your Payment Gateway Settings

Login to your MemberGate Site: Update your Payment Gateway Settings

Connecting To

Payment Gateway Settings

The Payment Gateway options are edited on the right side of the control panel under Payment Settings Payment Gateway

CC Public Key

Enter the Public Key that had just been generated.

Save the Changes

When all of the changes have been made, click on the button found at the bottom of the page.

Successful Connection

Confirm that Connection to AuthorizeNet Successful' results.



Other Payment Gateways with Token Systems

Please note that if your business is in the United States, is not the only option for a Payment Gateway company. It is also possible to integrate with Stripe or Braintree

If you are not using a token system and you switch to a token system, the member's profile will be created upon the next automactic renewal. The member would not have to manually update their credit card information (the member will only have to manuall update their credit card details when moving from one token system to another token system)

Before switching to a token gateway, we advise to thoroughly check between your choices as once the token system is in place, user data is stored at that gateway. Should you choose at a later date to switch to another token gateway, all of your subscribers would have to enter in their credit card details to manually renew their accounts to save the data in the new gateway's system.


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