How to Export a Mailing List Labels of Members


Mailing labels of addresses of member's on your site can be exported into a file. The list can be generated from active, cancelled, expired members or a combination of all three. This allows you to easily create mailing labels of your latest members from your favorite spreadsheet software.

The report will include the member's first and last name, company, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip code, and country.

To run a mailing list report to create labels:

How to Export a Mailing List Labels of Members

1. Creating Mailing Labels can be found under File Import/Export Mailing Labels by Date

Member Status

2. Select the status of the members that should be included in your report. If you would like only current members, choose 'Active Members' from the drop down menu. If you are looking for only members who are not current, choose 'Expired Members'. If you would like anyone who has ever been a member on your site choose 'All Members - Current and Expired'

Member Plan

3. Select from which member plan the members in the report belong from the drop down menu. Select 'All Plans' to include all members.

Member Email Choice

4. Select the option from the drop down menu. Choose only members that have selected that they would like to receive email messages, would not like to receive email messages or all members regardless of their email choice.

Joined Between Dates

5. Check the box if this report should only be generated for new members. If this is for only new members, select the dates as to when they have become members.

Export To

6. Choose to export the report onto the screen or to a file. Most of the time, the report will be exported to a file. Your selection can be made through the drop down menu in the 'Export to' field.

7. Click the button to export the report.

Sample Export list (from screen view)

How to Export a Mailing List Labels of Members