How to Prevent Unauthorized Sharing of Content from a Paid Subscription Website

People have been sharing information online since the inception of the Internet. One of the many driving forces of online social media is sharing, so it's no surprise that content from a paid for subscription website could be at risk.

The MemberGate software has many security features in place to make it as difficult as possible for users to share the information or files found on your site. However, as unfortunate as it is, it is legitimately impossible to prevent all people from sharing your material and files. 

At the most basic level, a user can film their screens and share the video file. Even Hollywood and all the black market movies available would agree that it is difficult to prevent that type of stealing.

Actions to Take

Read on for some suggested guidance and good practices to maintain integrity of your members only website.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Emphasize the importance of copyright protection and intellectual property rights. Members should be aware that the content available on the subscription site is owned by the creators or the website itself. Unauthorized sharing can lead to legal repercussions and may harm the content creators' ability to sustain their work.

Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

Make sure to have clear and comprehensive terms of service and acceptable use policies in place. These terms should explicitly state that unauthorized sharing of content is strictly prohibited and may result in the termination of the member's account.

Watermarking and Identification

Try to implement watermarking or other identification methods on your content. This helps track the source of shared content and acts as a deterrent for unauthorized sharing.

Educate Members

Educate your members about the importance of respecting content ownership and not sharing content without proper authorization. Raising awareness among members can foster a sense of responsibility towards the content creators.

Report and Takedown Procedures

Establish clear procedures for reporting unauthorized sharing of content and prompt takedown mechanisms. This way, you can respond swiftly to protect your content and rights.

Ethical Sharing

Use ethical sharing practices, such as using appropriate citation, linking back to the original content, and promoting content through official channels. Ethical sharing can help increase the content's reach without compromising its integrity.

Stay Informed on Laws and Regulations

Stay updated on copyright laws and regulations in various jurisdictions. This will help to maintain compliance and respond appropriately to any legal challenges.

Everyone Wins

As responsible content creators, we are empowered to take proactive measures to prevent unauthorized sharing of content and safeguard the interests of content creators and the subscription site industry as a whole.

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