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The Latest Release

MemberGate latest software release includes brand new functionality and generators to improve your members experience and create more member benefits for you to offer. There are also a generous amount of enhancements to the learning management system.

Please review to learn of some of the enhanancements available in this update.

Customize Admin Access Permissions

MemberGate Software has always provided the ability to assign different levels of admin access to employees. Those access levels were predetermined and may not have perfectly fit the needs of your admin members .

With this newly updated functionality, it is now possible to customize each admin member so they can access the exact functions needed to fully perform their duties.

How to Customize Admin Member Accessibility

Countdown Timer Generator

A countdown timer can be used to hype your members to a specific event or time period. It can be used to alert customers and as a call to action. 

With the built in countdown generator, easily add a professional looking countdown timer to any page of your site. The timer can be set as a pop up or shown inline on the page. 

Learn How to Add a Countdown Timer

Google Locations Map

Connect Google Maps to your MemberGate site with selected members locations and search database. Your members will love the added value to their membership benefits. 

A members-only website can reap several benefits by adding a Google map with their locations including networking, community building, targeted communications, and business members visibility.

Learn More About the Benefits

Learn How to Add a Google Map

LMS Primary User Preview Lesson Access

Primary business admin users can assign courses to their sub-users. These assigned courses may be purchased through the shopping cart or are part of the regular membership benefits.

If the course is purchased and then assigned there may be many circumstances where the primary user needs to still access the material in the lessons. With this update, when a primary user assigns the course, they can still preview the course in a read only format while the sub user works their way through the live course.  

Customized Unauthorized Access Upgrade Page

When a member attempts to access a page that is not available to their member plan, they are automatically redirected to content page 29, the unauthorized access page. This page can be customized for any message that should be conveyed to your members.

With this update, the unauthorized access page can now be targeted per department or per member plan. This works great to provide specialized upgrade messaging that can be customized from the page the user is trying to access, but cannot. Every department can have their own upgrade sales page or each member plan can have their own upgrade page.

Customized Per Department: The unauthorized access page can be edited under Add/Edit Department Settings Unauthorized Access Page Enter a New Content Page Number

Customized Per Member Plan: The unauthorized access page can be edited under Edit Member Plans Plan Pages Unauthorized Access Page Enter a New Content Page Number

If those fields are left blank, the unauthorized page will default to content page 29.

Customized Plan Level

A member plan can be set with a plan level. This allows you to have multiple member plans, but they can be assigned the same level or tier. For example, you may have a gold membership level as a monthly billing or yearly billing. The field for plan level can be set for both as gold.

The plan level can be used as a member variable so let the member know what level plan they are in.

For example: "Welcome, Joe! You are in the gold plan"

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