How to Set up a Customized Public Preview Page

A page can be set so that a non-member can read a portion of the page and then will have to login or subscribe to read the remainder of the page.

When a page with the public preview is created MemberGate will create a full members version of the page and it will also create a in addition to the full a public version of the page up to where you would like the user to have to login (or subscribe) to continue. Buttons/links will be shown to direct a member to login, or a non-member to visit a sales page or subscription page to become a member and finish the article.

The One Time Setup

1. The read more messages and links to a sales or subscription page can be completed in 'Edit Site Descriptions' on the right side of the control panel under Master Settings Edit Site Descriptions

2. Under 'Read More Settings' in the 'Read More Script' box add the text for the message that will appear at the end of the public preview. Images can be added along with other formatting.

3. Read More Login Phrase - Enter a term that will appear on the button for an existing member to login to read the rest of the page.

4. Read More Join Phrase - Enter text for the second button that will appear at the end of the public preview. This button will lead the non-member to a sales or subscription form page so they can subscribe and then can finish reading the article.

5. Read More Join URL - Enter the full url of the page that the non-member will visit when clicking on the 'read more join phrase' button.

Update a Page so it has the Page Preview

1. Add a new content page under Content Pages Add New

2. Add the content page material into the 'Content' box as any other page. At the point where the free public preview ends, enter the following tag

|read more|