Add/Edit a Forum


If you wish to add and/or edit a forum within the New CFMBB Forum on your site, follow the below instructions:

The new forum on your site can be reached by typing in this URL:

1. Under 'Discussion Forums' choose 'Edit Forum'

Edit Forum

*Please note that ALL CHANGES for the NEW FORUM take place within the "Edit New Forum" option within the Control Panel. All other Forum options related to the OLD Forum.

2. Once inside the New Forum menu area, click the "Forums" option:

3. Within the "Forum" Area you will see a list of your forums. To edit a forum in the list, click the Forum Name. To add a forum, click the "Add Forum" button:

4. After you have clicked the "Add Forum" button, you will be prompted with fields to create your new forum. Fill out these fields with your forum information:

5. Once you have successfully added your forum, you can edit where it appears in the list of your forums (see image below) and also view your forum, by clicking the "Forums Home" link at the top of the screen:

6. Your forum will appear in the new forum list: