I noticed that a lot of your sites seem to have a template feel to it. Can I do something that is completely different from that?


It's important to realize that Membergate is a content management system. That means the software needs to know where to put different content as you are putting it into a site.
Because of that there is a certain structure to Membergate so that the software knows how to do its thing.

There is some flexibility, however. For example you can turn on or off the left navigational columns on different parts to your site, based on what you try to achieve for a look.

The best way to understand what is possible is to take a look at our list of Active Sites.

If you have a specific example of what you're trying to achieve in mind, please send a link to it to [email protected] and we will let you know if it's possible to achieve or not. The safe bet however is that if you do not see something somewhat represented on a list of active sites, then it is probably outside the range that a content management system can handle.