Image Carousel


Membergate includes built in functionality to add a horizontal image carousel to your pages. Like a slideshow, an image carousel allows you to add a number of images to your page that cycle through the whole series. The carousel can be manually advanced or automatically advanced.

Here is an example of a carousel:

Beautiful Mountains to Watch and Decompress

A carousel can be used on your home page to promote the different sections of your website or what type of benefits comes with membership. It can also include upcoming events or products for sale on your site. It's a great tool for marketing anything.

MemberGate carousels are a responsive design so the image sizes will adjust depending on the size of the screen the user is using to view the page. There are different transition effects, paging controls and navigation options from which to choose.

The images in the carousel can also include links to other web pages. When a user clicks on the image they will be redirected to the linked page.

The image carousel provides a showcase for any type of images that you wish to create and add to your website.