Integration with Infusionsoft


Under the Commerce menu area, there is an option to enter in Infusionsoft information to integrate it with MemberGate. This integration can be used with membership plans, products and affiliates within your Infusionsoft account.


The Infusionsoft information can be added on the right side of the control panel under API Service Settings Infusionsoft

2. Enter in your Infusionsoft information and apply changes by clicking "Add/Edit Infusionsoft API Settings". The Memberplan Code, Product Code and Affiliate Code are codes which you create to identify your Membergate Products with Infusionsoft. The names in those fields should be created as something to help you identify the products/membership plans added to Infusionsoft, which you have created within your MemberGate site.

Integration with Infusionsoft


3. Once you have applied changes, you will receive a successful completion message:

Integration with Infusionsoft


4. If the information you enter is not correct, you will receive a red error message on the screen, and you will need to re-enter your Infusionsoft details:

Integration with Infusionsoft


5. Once you have successfully added your Infusionsoft API settings correctly, your MemberGate site and Infusionsoft account will be connected.

Whenever someone signs up for a membership on your site, purchases a product from the shopping cart, or signs up as an affiliate, the product information, as well as the customer information is synced to Infusionsoft, and linked together.

The product is set up in Infusionsoft using the codes above (Step #2). This helps identify which products are your Membergate products within your Infusionsoft account.

Once you have set up the link to Infusionsoft, if you look in Edit Member Plans, Add/Edit Products and the Affiliate Settings pages, where the List Server Sign up code is, if you select the Infusionsoft radio button, you should be able to enter a list of Follow-up Sequence, or Tag IDs that can be assigned to the custom in Infusionsoft, when they are synced from Membergate.

You will add the numerical IDs of the tags/sequence you have created within Infusionsoft: