Introducing Staged Subscription Forms

Introducing Staged Subscription Forms

Now you can offer a staged subscription form to your visitors, guests and prospective members to ...and here's seven reasons why you should:

1. Bite Sized

Showing a subscription form in 'bite-sized' chunks makes your sign-up process look much simpler, easier and more straightforward.

2. Gradual Completion

A step-by-step approach encourages them to complete each stage.

3. Motivation to Finish

You can't progress until a stage is complete - a 'gamification' of form-filling that fits with modern society.

4. Detailed Progress

You always know where you are in the process.

5. Encourages Focus

It turns a 'big task' into 'little asks'.

6. Mobile Ready

It fits nicely onto mobile screens.

And while all those benefits are great for your prospective members, there's one more benefit that is worth mentioning:

7. Information Captured After each Completed Stage

The staged subscription form will capture the completed information from each completed stage and can automatically send it to your autoresponder - so you can re-target those who abandon the sign-up process

Take a look and compare the forms on MemberGate:

Staged Subscription Form Vs. Full Subscription Form

Introducing Staged Subscription Forms