Re-Opening The MemberGate Reward Program

Re-Opening The MemberGate Reward Program

MemberGate is re-opening our rewards program as part of our move to a monthly charge for our software and the best part is MemberGate users will get a clear runway to take full advantage of promoting the new price and extended feature set, which is sure to be well received and will convert and reward accordingly

Here's everything you need to know...

Out with the old - Goodbye "Affiliates"

A little while ago we shuttered the Affiliate Program

You may remember, we paid 25% commission to affiliates for recommending MemberGate, on License fees of $3995

But there was no monthly payout - just a generous 'one-time' commission

This was directly linked to the fact that MemberGate was only available as a one-time-payment

Now, we knew we wanted to introduce "Software As A Service" pricing option and that meant revisiting our model and updating our rewards program

In with the New - Hello "Partners"

The change to SaaS pricing means a whole paradigme shift

It makes MemberGate more accessible, more affordable and more appealing

And the payout is raised to 33%

But it is a longer-term committment with a longer term reward and commissions program

Thererfore, we are looking to partner with like minded people, who can ethically promote MemberGate with confidence, knowing that their reward will only come from those who launch and grow successful membership sites

And, as ever, the MemberGate support team is committed to the sucess of those new sites

'MemberGaters' Have Priority!

Before we open the Partner Program, only MemberGate users are invited to participate and will enjoy a three month window

Who better?

And here's why you can promote with confidence:

Step 1: Design


In fact the hold up wasn't the pricing model, it was down to our legacy design service

You went through it yourself - ordering up a bespoke design for your site when you first got it

The personal attention for a bespoke design was always well received, but there were backlogs at times

To support SaaS pricing, a more rapid deployment of site design was needed - Themes

We first created a framework to allow any designer to build a Theme - a more inclusive approach

Next we created a bunch of Themes, in a ready-to-go format

And then we started building a Library and the back-end system to quickly and easily swap out one Theme for another

Now there's no waiting to launch a new site

Step 2: LMS

Learning Management System Tools

The topmost requested feature - Learning Management System

Perhaps the killer application for any subscription site and with the certification system, it's sure to help with annual renewals

Now included with MemberGate

Step 3: Package

The SaaS Package

Everything is included from the get-go

Rather than offer the MemberGate Platform as modules or plugins or other piecemeal hybrid all our features are included, to give new sites the best chance of success.

Instead of limiting features, we put a limit on members

That way the businss can thrive and when revenues justify, simply upgrade

We call it 'Pay As You Grow'

Step 4: Pricing

The SaaS Price

Starting at 100 members it's just $97 per month

That's less than a dollar per member

When the site passes 100, the next plan is $197 for up to 250 members

Just $0.79 per member

And when the site outgrows that plan, at $247 for 500 members, dropping down to $0.49 per member

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to recommend the complete MemberGate platform with 3 months clear runway, simply head over to our Partner Program

And this is what you will be promoting: MemberGate SaaS