Keyword Rich URLs - An Overview


How do I use Keyword Rich URLS within MemberGate?

When using Keyword Rich URLs your content pages can be referenced by both the Keyword Rich URL and the content page number that MemberGate automatically assigns each of your pages.

Here is an example of a page that you created which you assigned a Keyword Rich URL of "Welcome_To_Our_Site" and was assigned by your site to be page 100.cfm:


You can assign your pages Keyword Rich URLs that are exactly the same, and your site will automatically provide each with its own number, even if you do not differentiate them as you are creating each.

Here is an example of three pages that were all given the same Keyword Rich URL of "Welcome_To_Our_Site":

- page 1:
- page 2:
- page 3:

Also, please note: If you change a Keyword Rich URL, the site will automatically create a 301 redirect from the old page to the new page to prevent breaking any links.