My List Server Signup Code is Not Working


NOTE: This troubleshooting guide is only for those using the email parser to send the member's information to AWeber. We do recommend connecting through the AWeber API instead of using the email parser. Please see this tutorial to connect using the AWeber API

Please check the following:

1. Do NOT use a Role-Based email addess like info@ admin@ webmaster@ - read more from AWeber here. (If you are using webmaster@ and your emails have stopped being added to your AWeber list this is most likely the cause).

Change the 'from' email to a name like sitename@ or siteownername@ you must also update the "webmaster email address" which is set in "Email Settings"

NOTE: This is the main 'from' email used by your site to send emails notices to members.

2. Check your list name in AWeber has the MemberGate parser checked
(See: // )

3. The email address in "List Settings" for each list in AWeber MUST be the SAME as the "webmaster email address" set in "Edit Site Descriptions" on your MemberGate site.

4. The same email address in your list server code in the member plan.

Instructions to setup your member plans can be found here: Connect your Plans to AWeber