Pop Up Video

MemberGate has a new and easy to use feature to enhance your video presentation - a Pop Up which displays your video in a new box.

This responsive video will help with engagement and encourage your users to watch your video message.

The user can click on an image and the video will appear in a pop up box on their screen.

Go Ahead and Try it! Click the Play Button

This video player is a live video, but when clicking to play, the video screen will popup and the screen will darken behind it. The video will play as a popup centered in the screen instead of inline.

How to Create the Pop Up Video in MemberGate

Video Player

Video Players can be managed under Multimedia Video Players

Video Image

Under the Video Player section click on the upload image file box and choose an image from your local drive as a placeholder for the video.

Popup Player

Under the 'Settings' section click on the Popup Player found under the 'Player Skin'

Other Settings

Set up the remaining settings and upload the video file as in a typical way.

Pop Up Video

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