Setup a Custom Cancellation Page


When a members cancels, you can specify a custom cancellation page based on their member plan. They are redirected to that page after they cancel. This allows you the opportunity to try and "save the cancellation" with a better offer or perhaps direct them to a survey page to find out why they are cancelling.

BENEFIT: Retain more members who would have cancelled anyways or at least find out what improvements can be made to make your membership site even better by getting feedback.

How to Setup the Custom Cancellation Page

1. The first step is to create the cancellation page. Under 'Content' choose 'add content' and create the page.

Setup a Custom Cancellation Page

2. Copy the URL of the cancellation page.

3. Under 'Master Settings' choose 'Edit Site Descriptions'

Edit Site Descriptions

4. In the  'Custom Cancellation Page URL' paste the full URL of the content page for the cancellation page. The full url will include the http:// portion of the url.

Setup a Custom Cancellation Page