What are my options to add a banner ad to my site?


There are 5 different options for adding a banner ad to your site:

  • 'Add/Edit Banners',
  • 'Add/Edit Google Ads',
  • 'Banner Ad Settings',
  • 'Edit Site Descriptions',
  • 'BannerGate.'

'Add/Edit Banners' and 'Add/Edit Google Ads' are used most often by MemberGate users. The 'Add/Edit Banners' feature is used to create static banners that can be placed on any page, department or category. The 'Add/Edit Google Ads' feature is used to save Google adsense scripts that can be placed on any page, department or category.

'BannerGate' allows you to add rotating banner ads to your site. Review this video tutorial to learn more //www.membergate.com/videos/bannergate.html.

'Edit Site Descriptions' will also give you a BannerGate type effect. Include banner ad scripts to the page to place rotating ads on various parts of your pages.

'Edit Banner Ad Settings' has limited features and only displays a single banner throughout all the pages of the site. For these reasons 'Edit Banner Ad Settings' is used the least.

A good spot to place the ads is in the right navigation panel because it keeps the focus on your site and also gives the advertisor good exposure. The ads should be sized to fit the width of the panel less 10 pixels. Many sites stack several thumb sized ads or a couple vertical tower ads in this spot. To place a banner on the nav panel, paste the banner ad cf tag into the 'Script for this Category' box in the category where you would like it to appear.

It may not be a good idea to have horizontal ads along the top of the page. These ads will be placed below the breadcrumb link between the right and left navigation panels. Most importantly, horizontal ads can detract from the focus of your page and your content.