The Advanced Renewal Date Calculation and How to Enable It


The "Activate Advanced Renewal Calculations" is used to prorate members who renew from one member plan to another. The site makes a calculation based on the remaining value of the days left remaining in the plan compared to the new plan.

When turned on, it does the following when someone renews:

- if they renew to a different priced plan than the one they are on, it calculates the "value" of how many days they still had remaining at the old rate in comparison to what the value in days is now at the new rate.

So if someone was at a $10 for 30 day basic plan, their value per day was .33 cents. If they still had 10 days left when they renewed, that means they had .33 x 10 = $3.33 days of value left in their membership. So if they upgraded to the $20 for 10 day "gold plan", their 10 days left remaining would account for 5 days at the new plan's value. Their next renewal date would be the 30 days they just renewed at plus the 5 days of value they still had on the old plan.

Without it on, the site simply adds the number of days purchases onto what ever was remaining. So if they had 10 days left, then renewed to a higher 30 day plan, they would now be 40 days away from renewal.

To enable the 'Activate Advanced Renewal Calculations'

This prorating can be enabled on the right side of the control panel under Master Settings Custom Settings

In the 'Custom Settings' section choose 'yes' in the drop down menu for 'Activate Advanced Renewal Date Calculations'