How to Connect and Use Infusionsoft with MemberGate


The Infusionsoft API can be connected one time and Infusionsoft options will be found in all of the list serv code areas including member plans, products and affiliate sections.

Click on each tab for further instruction.

Infusionsoft Connection Settings

Infusionsoft settings can be setup and managed under API Service Settings Infusionsoft

Connection Active

Check the box to connect to Infusionsoft

InfusionSoft API URL

Enter the URL that you use to login to InfusionSoft. This will be something along the lines of

InfusionSoft API Key

Enter the API Key that is associated with your Infusionsoft account.


In the last three boxes, you will need to enter codes that MemberGate can use in order to create the products in InfusionSoft that correspond to your products in MemberGate. It is entirely up to you what codes you use, but as a guideline it may make sense to use the initials of your domain name along with the box type name.

For example, if your site was called the codes could be something similar to

Member Plan Code - mdnplan
Product Code - mdnprod
Affiliate Code - mdnaff

Sync Transactions

Select 'yes' from the drop down menu to sync the transactions on your MemberGate site with your Infusionsoft account.


Once you have entered these values press the button

The resulting message will let you know if there has been a successful connection to Infusionsoft.

If you receive another message, please send your API URL and API Key to [email protected] and we can assist you.

Set up the List Server Sign up Codes and add in the ID numbers of any tags or actions sets that you want to apply to members/customers when they purchase that particular product.

The Member Plans can be managed under Members Edit Member Plans

Choose an existing plan from the drop down menu or choose to add a new plan.

Click on the Infusionsoft Tab

Automatic management of email marketing lists can be controlled at the member plan level. Members can automatically be added or removed from your Infusionsoft account/lists. The setup is completed under under the 'List Server Codes' section.

List Server Sign Up Code

When a new member subscribes, their name and email address can automatically be sent to your email marketing list.

Select the relevant IDs in the Tags and Action Sets boxes.

*NOTE:  You do not have to enter any tags or action sets, and the user/customer will still be synced into InfusionSoft.

List Server Cancel Code

When a member cancels, they can automatically be removed from the marketing and moved to a different list. Select the new relevant IDs in the Tags and Action Sets boxes.

Run List Server Cancel Code when?

Choose at which point you would like the member to change according to the List Server Cancel Code. Should the cancel code run when the member goes 'inactive', 'cancels' or is 'deleted' from the system.