What type of support is available?


There are several means of support.

Our most common means of support is through our support ticket system. A ticket can be opened by emailing us directly at [email protected]. The ticket can be viewed by our whole support team to provide you with the most efficient support that we can.

Please remember when opening a support ticket to include as many details as possible. That will streamline the process and allow us to really provide support in a timely manner. Details can include your site name, or specific url and location of where the problems exists. 

We provide phone support for more mission critical issues. We try to encourage as much support via email and the support forums as it is much more time effective. That is, we can multitask. With a phone call, we can only focus on one particular issue. Phone calls also tend to take up more time as callers often stray off topic and want to talk about miscellaneous issues. While we enjoy talking with our customers, the logistical reality is that email and support posts are much more time efficient.

There is also a "hidden" means of support. That is each site has error reporting built into it. When an error occurs on a site, our programmers are immediately notified of which page it was, what the error was and often how to fix it. We often can get it resolved before the site owner is even aware of it.