Top Search Phrases Report


The top search phrases report shows you the top terms or phrases that have been entered into the search box on your site. This includes anything added to the search box if it is on the navigational panel or the search box on the actual search this site page.

The top search phrases are important to review every now and then to see what the vistors to your site are searching. This allows you to provide content based on these top searches. You can also see what items are of most interest to people visiting your website.

1. The Top Search Phrase report can be found under Reporting Content Top Search Phrases

2. The default for the listing of search phrases are listed from the most times searched to the least times searched.

The report can be arranged via any of the columns. Click on the or buttons to arrange the report as needed.

Top Search Phrases Report

Search Box on members/programs/search.cfm

Top Search Phrases Report