Sell Courses in the Shopping Cart

Many MemberGate site users have already been using the very popular learning management system as a benefit for their members.

Courses are now available to sell to non-members (or members) through the shopping cart!

The MemberGate Learning Management System is a comprehensive module that can help you to launch, manage, monitor and certify a complete educational program for your subscribers, members and students.

Online Courses

MemberGate allows you to offer online training and educational course as part of the benefits of membership subscription and now can be sold as individual courses to members and to non-members.

Sell Courses in the Shopping Cart
Sell Courses in the Shopping Cart

Payments and Discounts

Payments can be processed through your regular connected payment gateway (Stripe, or Braintree) as well as PayPal.

Discounts can be offered automatically to existing members or through bulk purchases and discount codes for greater flexibility.

E-course Delivery

The courses can be electronically delivered using many methods - including video, audio and downloadable files. End of lesson quizzes or assessments are also available.

Sell Courses in the Shopping Cart
Sell Courses in the Shopping Cart

Immediate Access

Courses purchased through the shopping cart are immediately available for customers to begin their education right away. Courses are always password protected to ensure virtuous use.

Shopping Cart Benefits

Enjoy all of the existing benefits of the shopping cart like automatic upselling for another individual course OR a subscription.

Sell Courses in the Shopping Cart