What is the LinkedIN code to add to the Social Bookmarks function?


The Link Format for adding LinkedIN to your Social Bookmarks functionality is:


To add the functionality to your Social Bookmarks List:

1. From the Control Panel under 'Social Networking' choose 'Add/Edit Social Bookmarks'

2. Under 'Add New Bookmark' enter 'LinkedIN' under 'Social Bookmark' --> enter 'http://www.linkedin.com/shareArticle?mini=true&url=|url|' under 'Link Format --> and check the box for 'Active'

3. A copy of the image for the LinkedIN Logo can be found by going to Google Images, Google Images, and searching "LinkedIN Graphic"

Choose an image, and right click on the image to save it to your computer.

Under the 'Image' column in Social Bookmarking click on Browse and choose the file from your computer to upload.

4. Click on 'Add/Edit Social Bookmarking Links'