Set Up New Email Accounts

Set Up New Email Accounts

New Email Accounts are set up in the Hostek Control Panel

Login to the Hostek Control Panel here:


Click on each tab for more information

To Add a New Email account:

  1. Under the Email Section

  2. Click Users icon

  3. Click Add Email User button

  4. Enter email user name (Example: if you need the email address "[email protected]" enter the user "admin")

  5. Enter password for Email user (**See note below regarding password requirements)

  6. Enter Display name (Usually set to the name of the person using the specific email account)

  7. Choose if you would like this user to have administrator rights

  8. Choose mail box size limit for this specific user

  9. Click on the Save

  10. NOTE Password requirements

    • Minimum Length 6 Characters

    • Must include Uppercase

    • Must include Lowercase

    • Must include Number

    • Must include Special character

    • Password cannot match username

Edit an Existing Email User

  1. Under the Email Section

  2. Click Users icon

  3. Click pencil icon next to user to update

  4. Update information

  5. Click Save

Mail Forwarding

  • Allows you to set up an email alias.

  1. Under the Email Section

  2. Click on the Forwarding button

  3. Enter Alias name

  4. Enter email address for email to this Alias to be forwarded to

  5. Click on the Save Icon

** An alias cannot be the same as an account set up as a User. It will be necessary to delete the user first and then create the email alias.

Mail Forwarding for an Account Set up as a User

1) Login to your Hostek control panel:

2) Click on the Webmail icon in Hostek, click on one the links to be directed to Smartermail.

3) Sign into webmail for [email protected]

4) If unknown, the password can be obtained through your MemberGate site's control panel. From under 'Master Settings' choose 'Email Settings'. The password can be found in the 'Mail Server Password' box.

5) Click on the settings icon on the left menu --> click forwarding --> enter in the updated email address to forward and press save.

6) To forward to multiple accounts, separate each email address with a comma EG [email protected], [email protected]