Can we host videos on our site?


You can host .FLV, .SWF and .MP4 videos on your server.

We recommend considering using S3 video hosting service through the dashboard.

The benefits are many:

- Their space is significantly less expensive on Amazon S3. They charge less than .20 per GB for space.

- Their servers deliver videos faster due to their redundacy and the ability of Amazon to deliver the video from the closest servers to the person requesting to watch it.

- Your own site (and server) are not affected by video bandwidth being used. If you have dozens of people watching a site which is being delivered from your own server (and not Amazon s3), then your site's performance can suffer.

- Your videos can be protected from viewing from the outside using Amazon S3. You can also restrict them from only being used on your specific site.

- The interface gives many additional video player benefits including tracking, many different styles of players, and significantly more configurability

Our advice is if you are only going to have a few videos on your site, then hosting it on your own server is likely fine. If you have dozens or hundreds of them then you will definitely want to consider using Amazon S3 through the service.