Custom Unauthorized Pages

MemberGate is a membership subscription software that provides the ability to create many different member levels and restrictive access. When a member tries to access a page that is restricted from their member plan they are automatically redirected to the 'Unauthorized Access' page which is content page 29. This page had to be contoured as a catchall for all members reaching any page that is restricted.

MemberGate now includes the ability to have custom unauthorized pages. A specific unauthorized page can be set up at the department or member plan level depending on the message that you would like to extend to a user that has restricted access. 

An example of use might be for a site that has tiered levels of membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum. If a silver member tries to access a page that is restricted for platinum members, they may reach a customized unauthorized page that is a sales page for all the reasons why they should upgrade. It could include a specialized subscription form that may include a discount or you can add an optin form to the page. Maybe the member doesn't want to upgrade now, but they are interested in joining an email list for those who could upgrade.

Custom upgrade pages allow you to tailor your messaging to different segments of your audience. For instance, you might have a custom upgrade page for free users that highlights all the benefits of a paid membership, and another for paid users that promotes a premium or VIP tier with additional features.

These customized page can have customized designs. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all design, you can create a design that matches the look and feel of the specific membership level. This enhances the user experience and helps users visualize what they will get by upgrading.

By creating a compelling upgrade page that directly addresses the needs of your users, you may increase the likelihood that users will upgrade, boosting your revenue.

Custom upgrade pages make it easier to run A/B tests and optimize your conversion rates. By testing different headlines, designs, or call-to-action placements, you can learn more about what persuades your users to upgrade. Use MemberGate's built in split testing capabilities to measure the page that converts more.

Insight on using Custom Upgrade/Unauthorized Page to their Full Potenial

  1. Understand Your Audience: Know what each segment of your audience values. Conduct surveys or user interviews to understand their needs, and highlight these features in your custom upgrade pages.

  2. Compelling Copy: Use persuasive language that highlights the benefits of upgrading. Create a sense of urgency or scarcity if applicable.

  3. Clear Call to Action: Make it very clear what users need to do to upgrade. Your call-to-action (CTA) should be prominent and compelling.

  4. Leverage Visuals: Use visuals like screenshots, infographics, or videos to demonstrate the value of upgrading.

  5. Test and Iterate: Continuously test different versions of your upgrade page to see what works best. 

  6. Follow Up: Don't forget about users who visited the upgrade page but didn't upgrade. Consider sending a follow-up email with a special offer or additional information about the benefits of upgrading. A great way to track is with a optin form for your email marketing list.

Remember, the goal of a custom upgrade page is to encourage users to take the next step in their customer journey. By understanding your users, presenting a clear value proposition, and continually testing and improving your pages, you can increase conversions and revenue.

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