Download Stats


Check this report for a quick look at how many times each of the download files in the download library have been downloaded.

Click on each section to expand for more information

Download Stats reports can be found under > Downloads > Stats

Download Stats reports can be found under Downloads Stats

Run the Report

Run the Report


Filter Download Stats

Click on the month and year drop down boxes to filter the report to a specific time period.

Choose All in the month and year drop downs to review the stats for all time.

Download Stats Button

Click the button.




The Report

The report sort order will be displayed in descending order by the amount of times the file has been downloaded.

The report can be rearranged via any of the columns. Click on the or buttons to arrange the report as needed.

Edit a Specific File

Click on the download file number found under the File Number column to be directly brought to the edit page for that download.

Visit the File on the Live Site

Click on the name of the file in the File Name column to visit the actual download page for that file on your site.