Edit Site Descriptions


Edit Site Descriptions allows you to change a variety of settings on your MemberGate site.

1. The Site Descriptions can be edited under Master Settings Edit Site Descriptions

3. Credit Card About To Expire Message - When a member logs into your site and is within 60 days of the expiration date of their credit card on file, they will be shown a pop up message. Customize the message in this field. 

4. CC Expiring Message Box Color - Enter a hexadecimal color for the backgound color of the box found in point 3 above.

5. Credit Card Billing Failure Message - First Attempt, Credit Card Billing Failure Message - 7 Days, Credit Card Billing Failure Message - 21 Days - When the billing for a recurring billing members fails, they will receive the message found in these boxes. If no message is included, they will receive the default message.

6. Enable Enhanced Recurring Billing - The enhanced recurring billing system will automatically rebill members who had a failed billing after 7 days and then again after 21 days. Select 'yes' to enable. If this is set to 'no', a member with a billing failure will be set to 'inactive' and will not be automatically rebilled. They would have to manually renew their account.

7. Credit Card Gateway Failure Message - (Optional)  Sometimes the payment gateway doesn't connect correctly for various reasons. Enter a custom message here.

8. Expiring Card Message - (Optional) The system will send an email to a recurring billing member when their credit card is 30 days from expiring. Enter the email message that they will receive here. If this is left blank, no message will be sent.

9. Custom Cancellation Page URL - (Optional) If you would like a member who cancels to be brought to a custom cancellation page, enter the url of the page here. 

10. Currency Symbol - Enter the currency symbol for the type of currency that is used on your site.