How can I add meta, title, keyword tags and description for SEO?


For maximum SEO, we recommend reading through this knowledge base article:

How can I take advantage of Membergate's SEO?

For article title tags, MemberGate automatically uses the headlines of the articles for excellent effectiveness with Google. The headlines are also automatically created using H1 header tags which also helps Google recognize the importance of your headline and keywords that are contained in it.

Some search engines do use the Meta Keys and Meta Descriptions to list your site.
1. Under 'Master Settings' choose 'Edit Site Description'

Edit Site Descriptions

2. In the form field 'Meta Keys' enter some keywords that describe your site. Follow each keyword with a comma and a space, do not include any HTML and try to avoid using single and double quotation marks. Finally, you want to use 20 keywords or less.

3. In the form field 'Meta Description', write a description that explains what your site is about. Try to keep the character count under 160.

4. In the form field 'RSS Site Title', enter in the title for your site.

How can I add meta, title, keyword tags and description for SEO?

5. Run a Site Rebuild to push the changes through the site. Under 'Master Settings' choose 'Site Rebuild'

Site Rebuild

SEO for Pages and Departments

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