Even better Google Optimization

You shouldn't be expected to be a search engine optimization expert. You don't have to worry about keeping up to date on the latest tactics to achieve high search engine rankings.

Membergate does that for you.

Concentrate on marketing and improving your site.

Now with Membergate version 5, Google optimization is even better than ever.

Keeping Up With The Changes

We stay on top of the proven techniques which result in higher rankings with Google and other search engines. Membergate uses only legitimate strategies that make our sites as enticing as possible to the major search engines.

Very often it is the little things that count.

For example did you know that pages with too many links can hurt your Google rankings?

Its true. Google tends to interpret such pages as being possible "link farms" which are pages set up specifically to trade links.

Google doesn't like those types of pages.

We have built in safeguards to prevent pages on your site from being viewed negatively by Google.

... and that is just one small example of the many, many strategies which are handled for you automatically.

Subtle changes in coding and the way pages are written all factor towards better optimization.

Building Upon A Strong Foundation

These newest changes are on top of the powerful tactics already in place with Membergate.

Many of our site owners already know the power of our search engine optimization.

If we explained all of the things that are in place for you, it would take pages upon pages. Most other solutions out there have very little, if any, built in search engine optimization... and you know what? It shows.

We've had Membergate sites mention a competitors site in an article or post. The Membergate's site page then returns higher listings for that site, than the site's own pages! The ironic part is that other sites have gotten upset about this when it is completely because of the lack of search engine optimization on their site.

We'll let the other solutions struggle and try to figure things out for themselves.

In the meantime, you can feel confident because we are keeping up with it for you as a Membergate site owner.