Add an Optin Form to a Nav Bar


If you would like to create a Tip of the Week sign-up form on your website, or any type of web form on your site to take contact/email information, please see the steps below:

First, you will want to create your new list within AWeber. This list will add members who use the web form you are going to create. The list must be created first.

After your list is created, use the Web Form generator ("Web Form" tab within AWeber account) to create a web form for your tip of the week or any other place on your website where you would like to collect email addresses (for example: a free coaching call).

Below is a knowledge base article from AWeber on how to create your web form:

 How Do I Add a Form To My Website? 

After the form has been created, it is ready to be added to the MemberGate site. Copy the HTML or javascript from AWeber and paste that into the area of MemberGate where you would like it to show. 

To add an Optin form on your Nav Panel:

1. An optin form can be added to the site under Content Categories Edit Category

2. Select 'Tip of the Week' from the drop down menu

3. Delete the code in the 'Script for this Category' box. It is default code that doesn't process.

4. Paste the HTML or Javascript code for the optin form into the 'Script for this Category' box. 

5. Click on the button.