Add Additional Admin Users


To add additional admin members to your site (with access to the site's Control Panel) and to prevent getting locked out of your own site, you can create extra admin accounts and should also create a second admin account for yourself. You would set your access level to the highest level and use it as a backup account in case you ever locked yourself out. You could then use the other account to unlock yourself.

Add the Admin

Add New Member

A new admin can be added under Members Add New Member

Enter in Admin's Information

Include a unique username and email address

Member Plan

Choose 'Plan - 4 Admin Account' from the drop down menu

Payment Details

Choose 'Complimentary' from the drop down menu


Click on the button

Set Member Access

Edit Member

Click on the button

Renew by Date

Update the renew by date as needed. This will be when this admin member expires.

Access Level

Select the desired admin level from the drop down menu. Visit this page for a description of the access levels.