How do I change my domain name (URL) for my MemberGate site


To change your site's domain name (URL), the following is required. We need to:

* redraw a license agreement to reflect the new name

* reconfigure the file path's on the site

* make changes to the DNS (domain name servers)

The payment link for this work is here: Change domain name

You will need to purchase the new domain name and then point your domain name's nameservers to the hosting account. If you are using Hostek for hosting, the DNS should be set to:

Nameserver 1: 
Nameserver 2: 

Then send us a support ticket by emailing us at [email protected] letting us know this has been done so that we can make the change for you.

Please note that the payment link does NOT include a new site design/graphics or a new SSL certificate. SSL's are not transferrable to a new domain name unless the SSL is less than 7 days old. Otherwise SSL companies don't allow those transfers.

Click here to order a new graphics package: New Graphics Package
Click here to order a new SSL certificate: Order an SSL certificate for new domain name