How do I setup a forum moderator?


These step by step instructions are for the old style forum. For instructions for the new or CFMBB forum click here

You can create a moderator on your site which allows someone to be notified when a new message is posted in a fourm.

1. Set up a fake member (any name) with an email address similar to:

[email protected]

2. In your email, set up [email protected] to forward email to the member that you want to be notified.

3. In your site, set up the fake member to department level access.

4. In "Edit Forum", choose that fake member to be a forum moderator.

If you already have a member you want to moderate the forum then you can follow the above steps so email is sent to them and then edit the current members department access level.

A forum moderator can only be a department manager or above.

To change the forum moderator:

  1. Under 'Discussion Forums' choose 'Edit Old Forum'
  2. Choose the correct forum
  3. In the 'Forum Moderator' choose the department manager or higher from the list