How to Quickly Activate Pages that are Inactive


If a page is 'Inactive', the headline and teaser copy will not automatically be published on the department and/or portal pages of your site. 

Sometimes, it is okay for a page to be 'inactive' like subscription forms or other pages that should not be automatically published on a department or portal pages. 

To see a listing of all 'inactive' pages on your site and to quickly update them so the are 'active':

Find It

The Inactive Page Roll functionality can be found under Utilities Page Management Inactive Page Roll

Select Pages to Make Active

The listing of inactive pages will result along with the page number, page headline, and it's active date.

Check the Desired Boxes

Check the box next to each inactive page that should be updated so it is an 'active' page.

Process the Reset

Click the button found at the bottom

Live Links

Clicking the headline will take you directly to the page, or clicking the page number will take you to the edit screen for that specific page.