What Does the Status of a Content Page Mean?


The status of a content page will determine where it is published on your site. Please refer to the chart below to see where it can be found.

Status What it Does Published on Department Pages Published on Portal Pages Published in Clumps Found on Site Search* Access to Page with URL
Active Automatically published teaser copy and headline based on active and purge dates
Inactive No automated teaser copy will be published
Inactive (Hidden) No automated teaser copy will be published and navigation to the page is impossible
Hold Until Teaser copy and headline will be automatically published on it's active date
Locked Shopping Cart This is a content page that can be sold for as a pay per view in the shopping cart. More Details Here: Locked Shopping Cart Page

*NOTE: The Site Search has to re-index the content page when a change is made to the status of a page. The re-indexes are done as a batch, as part of a scheduled process, so it can take up to an hour for a page to appear or disappear from the search results.