I don't have a highly ranked search engine site. What could be a reason?


Most of the MemberGate sites which achieve very good search engine listings let the MemberGate software do the work for them.

If your site is not ranked very high by Google these maybe some of the reasons:

1. There are not any links on the main page of your site linking to the inner content pages.
- The outside links to your site only point to your sign up page, about us, contact etc.
- Possible Solution: Having links to your content will go a long way and let MemberGate's built in search engine optimization work for you.

2. There is embedded java scripts reducing the amount of code and other text in the html.
- Possible Solutions: Replace embedded java scripts with calls to an external .js file.

3. Unusable or no keywords
- The headlines, teaser copy, meta tags, and body text on the main page and in articles do not contain any usable or unique keywords
- Google will throw out 3 letter and common words
- Possible Solution: Use the tool at http://textalyser.net/ to analyze the text on your site

4. There are apostrophes, double quotes, or special characters in your title tag or article headlines. (Most searchers won't include apostrophes, double quotes or special characters
in their searches)
- Do not use single or double quotes, trademark or copyright symbols, in your article headlines or site description

5. Your navigation menus have drop down menus.
- Possible Solution - Do not use drop down menus in your navigation panels

6. The title tags and headlines do not match.
- Possible Solution - Always have the title and headline match.

7. MemberGate program modules were modified - this could overrule MemberGate's hidden search engine optimization.

8. There are no discussion forum headlines on the front page.

9. The alternate text does not match the links themselves.