Improve Email Deliverability: Update SPF and DKIM Records at Hostek


SPF and DKIM are fundamental components of email authentication and help to make sure your email messages are delivered successfully.

Adding an SPF record and Enabling DKIM are an important step to protect your email messages from being marked as spam or junk.

Adding SPF Records and enabling DKIM can be added through your Hostek Control Panel

Click each tab for graphical instructions

Step 1: Login to Hostek

The Hostek Control Panel can be found here at

How to Login to Hostek Control Panel

Step 2: Advanced Email Settings

Under the Email Section on the right side of the control panel, click on the Advanced icon

Step 3: Create an SPF Record

Click on the SPF Record tab and, click on the Create button

Step 4: Create a DKIM Record

Click on the DKIM tab and, click on the Enable button

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