MemberGate Supports PayPal Payments

MemberGate Supports PayPal Payments

Open your Membership Site to 188 Million Customers

MemberGate Infinity is now seamlessly connected with PayPal to automate payments for subscriptions and cart items

Sites running the latest version of MemberGate can show the PayPal icon and their guests, buyers and renewing members can choose to "Pay by PayPal"

Upsells and Downsells are also supported

Having integrated the latest Application Program Interface "API" from PayPal, the end result for MemberGate Licensees, their subscribers and customers is that PayPal works like any other payment option: Secure, Simple and Straightforward

MemberGate Supports PayPal Payments

  • Supports Automatic Renewals with Recurring Billing
  • Convenience for new members and renewing members
  • Re-acquire and recapture past members
  • Secure and Seamless Process Across All Devices
  • Works with all types of paying subscriptions
  • Works with all shopping cart purchases
  • Works with upsells and downsells for both memberships and subscriptions
  • Affiliates can earn commission on payments made with PayPal