Prefilled Subscription Forms for Easy Member Renewals


Subscription forms can now be set so it can be prefilled for a renewing member. This ease of use form will aid in helping an existing member by only having to add their credit card information to the form. 

When an existing member is not logged into your MemberGate site and they visit a subscription form, a box with username and password fields will be shown at the top of the subscription form. When the member enters their current username and password into the appropriate fields, the subscription form will prefill with their information from the database. 

The member would just have to choose the member plan they would like to subscribe and their credit card details to renew their subscription. 

If the existing member is logged into your site and they visit a subscription form, the form will be automatically pre-filled with the member's information from the database. It would not be necessary for the member to fill out username and password boxes again.

This will create a very streamlined process for renewing members to subscribe or upgrade to a new plan. Since all of the information on the form will match the information in the database, the user will only have to add their updated credit card details.