Set up Prefilled Subscription Forms


A subscription form can be set so that an existing member can easily update the form so it is prefilled with their information from the database.

The member would just have to add their credit card details so they can easily renew.

To Set Up a Prefilled Subscription Form

To Set Up a Prefilled Subscription Form:

1. The form can only be set up to be prefilled using the 'Subscription Form Generator'. From under 'Tools' choose 'Subscription Form Generator'

Subscription Form Generator

2. Choose an existing form from the drop down menu to edit and click 'Manage Subscription Form' or begin a new subscription form.

3. In the 'Allow Login Prefill' field, select the radio button for 'yes'

Set up Prefilled Subscription Forms

4. Choose 'Save Form' if editing an existing form as that will automatically update the form on the site, or fill out the remaining fields if beginning a new subscription form.

How it Works

How it Works

When an existing member is not logged in and visits that particular page, there will be a 'Prefill Form' box above the subscription form. When an existing member adds their username and password to the box and clicks the 'Prefill Form' button, the form will populate the fields with the member's information.

Set up Prefilled Subscription Forms

Set up Prefilled Subscription Forms



A. The form will NEVER prefill details for an admin member

B. The username/password box will only show if the user is not logged in. If the member is logged in, it will prefill with the logged in member's details

C. The username/password boxes WILL NOT show if the form is set to only allow new subscriptions. (The box is to allow renewing members the ability to easily prefill their member details so it makes sense for it to not work for new members).

D. If an incorrect password is entered 5 times or more, the user will be locked out due to a browser lockout for security purposes. The user would not be able to enter any more details until the lockout has been released.