Set a Page so it is Truly Inaccessible

There are a few different status options to assign to a content page.  

The status of the content page will determine how the page is published or accessed by a user.  Typically, the main two status options used most are active and inactive. An active content page means that a headline and teaser will automatically be published in desired locations (such as the department page or in a clump).

An inactive page is generally used when you do not want the page to be published on the site. However, if someone has the url of the page, they can directly visit that page by navigating to that url. An inactive page status is typically used with subscription forms or thank you pages as you'd still like a user to be able to access the page, but you may not want the page to automatically be published on your pages.

A new status is now available for your use. It is called 'Inactive (Hidden)'. If a page is set as 'inactive (hidden),' no one will be able to access the page - even if they have the url. If someone navigates to the URL, they will be redirected to the home page. This is a great option to use when you have really old content or an expired promotion. Instead of setting up a alternate url for a redirect, just setting the status to 'inactive (hidden)' will redirect the user to the home page if they try to navigate to the page.

All Status Options

Status What it Does Published on Department Pages Published on Portal Pages Published in Clumps Found on Site Search* Access to Page with URL
Active Automatically published teaser copy and headline based on active and purge dates
Inactive No automated teaser copy will be published
Inactive (Hidden) No automated teaser copy will be published and navigation to the page is impossible
Hold Until Teaser copy and headline will be automatically published on it's active date
Locked Shopping Cart This is a content page that can be sold for as a pay per view in the shopping cart. More Details Here: Locked Shopping Cart Page

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