Switching (going live) from IP to your domain name


When you are ready to "go live" with your site, these are the steps.

(1) Make sure you have created all of the email addresses for your new
site that you had on your old site. Here is a tutorial if further instruction is necessary:

How do I set up new pop email accounts in Hostek?

(2) VERY IMPORTANT: Send us a support ticket to let us know you are making the
transition so it can be monitored it.

(3) Change the nameservers of your domain name so that they are pointing to your hosting
account nameservers.

If your site is on Hostek hosting, then your name servers should be set to:

Nameserver 1: ns1.hostek.com 
Nameserver 2: ns2.hostek.com 

You set this by logging into the domain name registrar account whereever the domain name is registered at.

Once you change the nameservers, it will take anywhere from an hour to
a day for the change to fully take effect. You will know it is taking
effect by the fact that typing in your domain name will take you to
your new site.

We monitor this situation. When we have seen the nameservers taken
hold, we will replace all of the IP address numbers in your sites
links with the domain name of the site.

(4) You will want to put in your merchant account information in your
site. In the control panel, choose "Payment Gateway" and put in your
merchant account gateway name, username and password. The site will
confirm that there was a successful connection. If you don't get a
successful connection message, email us so that we can finish the

(5) You will probably want to purchase an SSL certificate for your
site. This ensures that your payment screens are encrypted. You should
wait until the nameserver changes have taken hold so the ssl
certificate works correctly.

You can order it here (we will install it for you):

Order an SSL

(6) If you haven't already, you should sign yourself up for your own
site as well as try a test purchase. This way you can check to make
sure everything is being done as you intended. That includes checking
the welcome messages, welcome screen etc.

Please let us know when you switch the nameservers and also if any
questions come up.