Adding an Article Index Department


Here's the quick and easy way to add a article index department to your web site - it automatically updates showing every active article on your site.

One way to attract more subscribers to make it easy for them to see a list of all the articles on the site. 

As a added bonus, having an article index like this gives the search engine robots a clear path to all the articles in your site - and that can significantly increase your search engine rankings.

Creating a department showing all the currently active articles within your site is easy to do in MemberGate.

Here's how.

Adding a 'Article Index' Department

    1. Create a New Department

      A new department can be created under Content Departments Add Department

  • Enter a headline for the department - IE - Complete Article Index

  • Enter something like the following in the body text of the department:

    We cover a lot of different topics on this site - this article index gives you a pretty good idea of the subjects we cover.

    The following is a complete index of all articles on this site - presented in the most current to oldest article sequence.


    Article Index ListTag

    <cfinclude template="programs/allarticles.cfm">


  • Create the department, and then view it to make sure it looks like you want it to.

  • That's all you have to do!


    1. The command that calls the most popular list is:


      Most Popular List Tag

      <cfinclude template="programs/allarticles.cfm">


      Placing that command on any page will show the full article index for the site.

  • For best results, place the department in the public area so non members can read the article headlines and teaser copy. This will give them a reason to join.

  • Only articles that have 'show on public portal' page will be displayed in the article index. This will prevent showing articles that you don't want non members to see.