Creating a 'Buy it Now' button for use on any page


Here's how to provide easy to use, buy it now buttons that link directly to your MemberGate shopping cart

MemberGate has a very powerful easy-to-use shopping cart. In most cases, you will want your customters to use the shopping cart when making purchases.

But in some cases, you might want to include a 'buy it now' button within articles on your site, or even on other sites, so customers can click the button and instantly purchase the product.

Doing this in MemberGate is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Create the item in the shopping cart as you would any item using the Add/Edit Product option in the MemberGate shopping cart menu

  2. View the item in the shopping cart, and note the product number (it will correspond to the page number of the item - ie (// is item16)

  3. To create the buy it now button, include the following code where you wish the button to appear.

    <form action="//" Method="POST"><br /><input type="submit" name="cart" value="Buy it Now"></form>

    In the above code, change the link to the site to reflect your site name, and change the product number to reflect the actual product being linked to.

  4. You can place this code on any page of any web site (it doesn't have to be on your own web site), and it will work.

That's all there is to it.

The button will look like:


Go ahead and try it - and feel free to make a purchase.

Add a Link that will Go Straight to the Checkout Page

Sometimes you may want to create a link in an email or separate content page for the user to order an item by clicking a link and going straight to the checkout form. This allows the user to skip a step or steps (essentially skipping the product page or cart page).

Take the same same steps as above to first create the product in the shopping cart and note the product number

Once that you have the product number, use the following URL in your email, attached to an image or button to add the item to the shopping cart basket, and lead them right to the checkout form.


In the above link, change the domain name to reflect your site's name, and change the 16 in "Product=16" to the actual product being purchased.